Construction Site Falls & Accidents

Our attorneys handle death and serious injury cases involving people falling at construction sites. The cases we handle are generally in the mid-Atlantic region of the United States – Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Falls at construction sites can include several different types of falls. Here are some of the most common:

Roof falls – One of the most dangerous construction industry trades is roofing. Working up on top of a building removing or installing a new roof is a high-risk job. Another trade that requires rooftop work is masonry – masons often do things like re-point chimneys. Also, HVAC professionals are frequently called on to work on roofs and other high places. It is not uncommon (or not uncommon enough) for tradespersons and laborers to fall from roofs of buildings when proper precautions are not put in place.

Ladder falls – Our attorneys represent workers who have fallen from ladders. There are numerous reasons why ladders fail and cause people to fall. Ladders tip over. Ladders collapse. Ladders, like people, can lose their footing and fall down.

Scaffolding falls – We represent workers who are injured when they fall from scaffolds. Oftentimes, scaffold falls result from the scaffold being overloaded and used to support a weight beyond that for which it was rated. Scaffolding falls also result when the scaffold is constructed with improper or nonexistent guardrails. There are two types of scaffolds – supported scaffolds and suspended scaffolds. Scaffold fall accidents can occur when supported scaffolds are not properly restrained from tipping, when the foundation under the scaffolding is inadequate or improperly constructed, and when the scaffolding is placed on top of movable objects such as vehicles or equipment like front-end loaders or forklifts. Scaffold fall accidents involving suspended scaffolds occur when the the scaffolding is improperly tied to prevent swaying, when the scaffolding suspension fails, when the support devices or the surfaces they rest on are insufficient to bear the load of the scaffold and its contents, and when other failures occur.

Falls through unguarded openings in walkway surfaces – these are fall accidents where the individual falls down through a hole in the walkway surface. It is not uncommon for workers to cut holes in walkway surfaces. For example, framers will often cut or partially cut the hole in the floor leading to the staircase that will be installed below. When holes or partially cut holes are left unguarded, workers can fall down and sustain grievous injuries and sometimes death.

Slip and fall accidents caused by uneven, slippery, or defective walkway surfaces – It is very common for people to slip and fall at or near construction sites. Oftentimes, firm ground is rare and rain and snow in the mid-Atlantic region contribute to slippery, muddy, and insecure walking surfaces. Often at construction sites, workers are traversing areas that do not have permanent or fixed walkway surfaces yet. As a result, one of the major types of construction accidents is slip-and-falls.

These are just some of the common types of construction fall-type accidents that we handle. If you would like more information about your rights after a construction accident involving a fall, please contact us for a free consultation.

Construction Site Falls & Accidents

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