Workers’ Compensation Video Series – Part 1 of 5

Our Workers’ Compensation Video Series begins with Attorney Ben Schwartz discussing how important it is for you to know your rights as a person who was injured on the job. 

Workers’ Compensation Video Series –
Part 1 of 5


Hi, I’m Attorney Ben Schwartz.

Today, we’re going to start a video series on workers’ compensation claims and what your employer will not tell you when you get injured on-the-job.

We see people in my offices all the time who were injured in accidents who don’t know their rights. I really think it’s very important to know your rights because when you’re injured on-the-job, 9 times out of 10, your employer will not come to you and say, ‘Here are all your rights on a silver platter. Here’s everything that you need to know in order to make a full and adequate recovery.’ It’s not in their best interest to do that.

Every once in a while, you will get an employer who says “Here. We’re going to set you up. We’re going to get the insurance claim rolling. We’re going to take care of you and do everything that needs to be done.” Quite frankly, people aren’t coming to us for those types of situations. As lawyers, our reality is that people are coming to us because they don’t know their rights. People come to us because they’re injured on-the-job and nobody’s helping them. Their bills aren’t getting paid. Their medical bills aren’t getting paid. They’ve got rent due or mortgage due. They need to put food on the table, and they don’t know how to do it. My observation has been that employers don’t fully tell their employees everything they need to know when they’re injured on-the-job. The number one thing that employers, companies, corporations, businesses, etc. fail to tell their employee is that “we have workers’ compensation insurance coverage that covers you (that covers your accident).”

For some reason, the majority of people that come to my office for an on-the-job injury don’t know if there’s even insurance coverage for this. They don’t know what insurance company their employers uses.

It’s very easy to look up. You can go to a website:

This is the state of Delaware website where you can search for your employer to find out who their workers’ compensation insurance company is. If you don’t know if your employer has workers’ compensation insurance to cover you for your injury, this is where you would go to find out. You could also look at your paycheck. Look at the stub on your paycheck. What’s the name of the employer? You can get the policy effective date, end date, and the policy number.

If you’re injured on-the-job and you don’t know whether there’s going to be coverage for your medical expenses, whether there’s going to be coverage for your lost wages, whether your employer has insurance coverage for work accidents, you can just go to this website and look up the employer and see what it says (see who the insurance company is). This is something that we’re doing more often than not in workers’ compensation cases that come through our office because people just don’t know.

The #1 thing that employers do not tell you is, “Hey, we have insurance coverage for this.  We’re not lacking in that regard and here’s the workers’ compensation insurance information that you need to get your medical bills and lost wages covered.”

Thanks for watching!

Please watch part 2 of our Workers’ Compensation Video series here

Workers’ Compensation Video Series – Part 1 of 5

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