Construction-Related Motor Vehicle Collisions

Our personal injury lawyers handle construction-related motor vehicle collisions and crashes in Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.

Construction areas: if there’s a place where it’s more dangerous to drive a motor vehicle, we wouldn’t be able to name it. More motorized vehicle collisions happen in areas under construction than you would expect. Perhaps one of the reasons why construction areas and motor vehicles don’t mix well is because there are a lot of distractions in a construction area which can pull the motorist’s eyes away from the roadway or path in front of the vehicle. Another reason for construction areas may be that it can be confusing in an area under construction to know where to go. Whatever the cause, if you have been involved in a construction area motor vehicle collision, you should contact a qualified construction accident attorney as soon as you (or a friend or family member) are able.

Construction-Related Motor Vehicle Collisions

When we talk about construction area vehicular collisions, we are talking generally about accidents or collisions that occur in or around an area under construction. Here are some examples of construction accidents:

Traffic was traveling on a dual highway. Due to construction on southbound lanes, southbound traffic was re-routed to go south in one of the northbound lanes. The construction plan called for signs warning oncoming motorists of the change, but signs were inadequate and were not visible to all southbound motorists. A motorist did not slow down enough to make the lane shift and collided with a concrete barrier and other vehicles, with catastrophic results.

A flatbed trailer loaded with utility poles was parked at a construction site. The poles were not properly secured in the trailer with stakes and straps. As a worker walked alongside the trailer, several of the poles rolled, fell from the trailer, and struck the worker causing significant injuries.

A dump truck was depositing a load of fill at a construction site. The dump truck operator reversed the truck and began to back up when it was not safe to do so, striking another vehicle that was passing by behind the dump truck.

A construction crew was repairing a country road. The crew laid a new road surface but left the job site before the surface cured. The road began to disintegrate and loose material was permitted to sit on top of the roadway surface. Due to the loose roadway surface a motorcyclist lost control while guiding her motorcycle around a bend in the road, and crashed with disastrous results.

If you were injured or if your family member was injured or killed in a construction-related vehicle accident, please contact us for a free consultation. And if you are an attorney trying to figure out how best to handle your client’s construction-related motorized vehicle accident, please contact us to learn more about how we can co-counsel with you to achieve the best result for your client. Contact us now for a free, no-obligation review of your case!

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