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“Who’s the Best Car Accident Lawyer in Pennsylvania?”

This is a question that many Pennsylvania residents ask after a serious car accident with personal injuries. Would you like an honest answer? The honest answer is that you need to select a lawyer with the competence to prosecute your claim or case, coordinate your insurance benefits, and to take it through trial and appeal if necessary. Once you have narrowed down your attorney search to lawyers who are competent to do that, selecting the “Best” lawyer depends more on you – your goals and your expectations – than it does on the lawyer.

Delaware Car Accident Lawyer

It’s a Mistake to Marry the First Girl or Guy You Kiss, and It’s a Mistake to Sign on With the First Lawyer Who Comes Along Too

After a catastrophic Pennsylvania car accident with injuries, you may feel like you need to line up legal representation fast. There is no shortage of Pennsylvania lawyers who would love to attempt to handle your case. At many Pennsylvania law firms, there’s a lawyer just waiting for your call. He or she will drop everything to rush to get you to sign a fee agreement. If you have had a car accident in the past, you know what we mean. But it can be a huge mistake to sign on with the first lawyer that you can reach.

There is a huge difference from one lawyer to another. Do lawyers all seem to look the same? Yes. Are they in fact all the same? Heck no! Some lawyers are passionate advocates for the rights of those injured and killed through the negligence or carelessness of others. Then there are lawyers who do this because it can be lucrative and who don’t really feel the passion. Some lawyers spend every waking moment of their free time studying – reading books, listening to podcasts, attending conferences to learn the top trial methods to deploy in your case. Then there are lawyers who don’t invest in themselves or their skills and hope that the insurance company will take pity on them and offer enough money to get the case settled so they don’t have to go to trial. The lawyer you choose will make a huge difference in your case. So make sure you choose wisely.

Schwartz & Schwartz lawyers are competent to handle your case. Whether we have the “BEST” Pennsylvania car accident personal injury lawyer for you and your case is something only you can answer. We know how to get your medical bills paid. We know how to get your lost wages reimbursed. If your car was damaged or totaled, we can help you to get it fixed or replaced. If you don’t know where to turn for medical treatment or if you need specialized medical or surgical care, we can assist you in that regard as well. If the at-fault driver’s insurance company is not forthcoming with a fair settlement, we can file a lawsuit to obtain compensation for you. If filing the lawsuit doesn’t result in a settlement, we can take your case to trial. After we win a big verdict and the insurance company appeals, we can defend your appeal for you. At each stage of the process, we’ve got you covered!

Now, whether you come away from this saying we are the BEST PERSONAL INJURY LAWYERS FOR A CAR ACCIDENT CASE IN PENNSYLVANIA depends on factors such as:

  • Did you feel like we paid attention to how this accident impacted your life?
  • Did you feel like we kept you apprised of developments in your case?
  • Were we responsive to your questions and concerns?
  • Did we educate you on how the system works, and what to expect?
  • Did we prepare you for hearings such as depositions, arbitration, and trial?
  • Were you comfortable with us?
  • Were you comfortable with the process?

Hopefully, these are all going to be answered with a resounding Yes!

A lot of law firms are on the Internet claiming to be the Best Pennsylvania Car Accident Lawyers, but that’s really for you to decide – after we win or settle your case for you!

Contact us now if you have been injured in a serious PA Car Accident – we have offices in Philadelphia and Havertown to serve you.

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