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“So many vehicles, so many accidents!” 

Are you looking for a Lawyer at the Delaware Beaches? Our Delaware car accident lawyers win and settle personal injury cases resulting from accidents at the Delaware beaches.

Most commonly, people contact us every summer to let us know that their week at the beach was utterly ruined by an intoxicated, careless, or negligent driver who caused an automobile accident. In addition, we receive calls year-round from Delaware residents who have been injured in car accidents all over eastern Sussex County. If you or a family member have fallen victim to an automobile accident in the Delaware beach area, please know you have found the right law firm to assist you.

Lawyer at the Delaware Beaches

Common Types of Delaware Beaches Car Accidents

There are some very common types of car accidents that occur in the Delaware Beach areas. These include drunk driving / impaired driving accidents where the at-fault driver’s faculties are impaired as a result of the use of drugs and/or alcohol. With the popularity of the Delaware beach areas during summer months, and with the influx of thousands of people who are here to party, it is inevitable that motorists will fail to use their common sense, drive after having too much to drink or after taking illegal substances, and cause a crash to occur.

In addition, the Delaware beach areas can be quite bleak in the off-months with many residents turning to drugs or alcohol. Impaired driving combined with early sunsets in the winter months and frequent adverse weather events combine to produce unsafe roadways and a significant number of personal injury and wrongful death accidents.

During the summer months, we see a significant number of pedestrian vs. car accidents and bicyclist vs. car accidents. The roadways are designed in many cases to be safe for pedestrians and bicyclists, but motorists are often distracted by the sights and sounds of the Delaware beaches, or distracted by their cell phones.

Sometimes the roadways are just plain dangerous. There are shoulders used as bicycle lanes along Route 1 in the Delaware Beach areas where people run, skate, skateboard, and ride bikes. These bicycle lanes produce many accidents – some fatal and some catastrophic – every year. (If you’re planning a trip to the Delaware beaches, take our advice and stay off Route 1 unless you’re in a car or truck).

Sometimes, car accidents are caused simply because people are not paying attention. We see many car accident cases that occur at red lights, where the motorist fails to realize the light has turned red and cannot stop in time to avoid rear-ending the car in front of them. No two car accident cases are the same, and we tailor our representation to best fit each client and case.

Action Plan after a Car Accident at the Delaware Beach

If you were injured in an accident at the Delaware Beach, there are steps you need to take ASAP to protect your legal interests and your legal rights:

First, CALL THE POLICE if there was any property damage or personal injury. The police are there to investigate the accident, control traffic at the scene, determine who was at fault, and assess whether you need to have emergency medical attention. DO NOT just trade information with the other motorist. You may fail to obtain the information needed to pursue your case or claim.

Second, GET MEDICAL ATTENTION. There are some excellent choices in the Delaware Beaches area for medical treatment after an accident. During the acute phase of an automobile accident injury such as whiplash, sprain or strain, or broken bone, you should go to the nearest Emergency Room such as that located at Beebe Hospital. Follow up with a doctor who specializes in your particular type of injury.

Third, REPORT THE CLAIM to your insurance company, and ask if you have Personal Injury Protection or “PIP” for short. All Delaware residents are required to carry PIP insurance to pay for medical treatment and lost wages after a Delaware car accident. If you were driving a Delaware registered and insured motor vehicle, you should have PIP. If you are a visitor from another state such as Maryland, you need to find out whether you were covered by a policy of PIP insurance. If so, use it to pay for your medical treatment.

Fourth, CONNECT WITH US ASAP. The earlier you connect with an injury attorney, the more likely we will be successful in investigating and prosecuting your personal injury case. Time is not something to waste in a personal injury case. Witnesses go missing; video gets written over; evidence disappears. The faster you get us on the case, the better. So please contact us as soon as you are able by phone or through our website.

Car Accident Delaware Beaches

Car Accident Delaware Beaches

We Make It Affordable to Hire a Top-Flight Personal Injury Lawyer for Your Delaware Car Accident Case

Our Delaware car accident attorneys make it very affordable to secure proper legal representation after a serious car accident at the Delaware beaches. In personal injury and wrongful death cases, there are zero up-front costs to preserve and protect your legal rights.

In car accident personal injury cases, we offer a free initial consultation with an attorney. Because there is no consultation fee to meet with the attorney and have your case reviewed, you don’t have to pay money up-front to hire a lawyer.

Then if we take the case on, we will offer to handle it on a Contingency Fee. A Contingency Fee is a written arrangement where the attorney agrees to prosecute the case for you without taking a retainer or payment up-front. When the attorney wins the case, or when the attorney secures a settlement in your case, the attorney will take her or his fee out of the settlement or award. The fee will be a fixed percentage and you will know what your fee is from day one of the representation.

Free consultations and Contingency Fees allow regular folks to hire a great personal injury case after a car accident without regard to whether they can afford to pay an attorney’s fee up front.

We Cover the Entire Delaware Beach Area (and Maryland Too)

We Cover the Delaware Beach Area, down into the Coastal Areas of the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

Our law firm has a regional personal injury practice, handling car accident cases in the Mid-Atlantic States. In eastern Sussex County, DE, we handle car accident cases that occur along the Route 1 Coastal Highway corridor, from Milford down to Argos Corner and Slaughter Beach, Milton, Nassau, Lewes and the Cape Henlopen area, Rehoboth Beach, Dewey Beach, Long Neck, Oak Orchard, Ocean View, Bethany Beach, Fenwick, and further south to Ocean City, MD. We also cover the 113 corridor, further inland. Route 113 runs south from Milford through Lincoln and Ellendale, to Georgetown. South of Georgetown, DE, Route 113 runs down to Millsboro, Dagsboro, Frankford, and Selbyville. Across the Delaware-Maryland line, Route 113 travels down past the Ocean Pines area to Berlin then continues down to Snow Hill and then to Pocomoke City. Our Delaware and Maryland personal injury attorneys are available for consultation in serious injury and wrongful death car accident cases in these geographic locales.

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