Law clerk clinical practicum

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Schwartz & Schwartz has a law clerk clinical practicum

Delaware Personal Injury Lawyer, Ben Schwartz.

The law clerk clinic is staffed by law clerks who are law students or recent law school graduates completing their required five month clerkship at Schwartz & Schwartz prior to admission to the Delaware Bar. The law clerks are not attorneys and may not render legal advice except as directed by a supervising attorney.

The law clerks are available to meet with clients for civil litigation matters such as Justice of the Peace Court debt lawsuits, landlord-tenant issues, and other small claims or disputes. The practicum does not handle cases involving family law, criminal law, or personal injury.

Law clerk clinical practicum

The law clerk assigned to a matter will:

1. Complete an intake by running a conflict of interest check and scheduling the client for an office appointment.

2. Meet with the client, obtain facts and information about the client’s matter, collect from the client documents relating to the matter, and prepare a memorandum containing a detailed recitation of all the relevant facts and circumstances. This memo will also contain the goals of the client for the case or matter. It will also have all relevant documents appended. The memorandum shall be saved in the electronic misc client files on the server.

3. The law clerk will then research the law and procedure pertaining to the matter. The clerk will add a legal analysis and conclusions or recommendations section to the memorandum, and append all relevant case decisions, statutes, regulations or court rules. The legal analysis must contain a statement defining and identifying the statute of limitations period and any notice periods applicable to the claim(s).

4. The clerk will then provide the memorandum to the supervising attorney. The supervising attorney will review the memorandum and determine if the fact summary appears complete and the legal analysis and conclusions/recommendations are correct. The supervising attorney will direct further action. That may include directing the law clerk in obtaining addition information or performing further research, performing further investigation/research independently, or taking other steps to verify the factual assumptions and legal conclusions in the memorandum. Once the supervising attorney independently reviews the sufficiency of the investigation and the accuracy of the legal research and analysis, the supervising attorney will approve the memorandum in writing.

5. The supervising attorney will provide a fee quote for further representation as part of the case review. The supervising attorney will then direct further action. This may include mailing a non-representation letter to the client, providing a copy of the memorandum to the client, meeting with the client to provide recommendations or directing the law clerk to meet with the client to make such recommendations.

6. Once the consultation has concluded, the memorandum shall be amended to include a description of the disposition of the matter. The memorandum shall be provided to Dawn Jopp so that the client may be added to the Client Old List and the materials added to the Misc file, or so that a client file may be opened.

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