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We love feedback from our clients here at Schwartz & Schwartz. We are personal injury lawyers in Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland and Pennsylvania. Feedback helps us continue to provide our clients with the best possible service. Listed below are a sampling of the comments we receive. If you would like to add you own comments, please use the form at the bottom of this page, or visit us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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Hello, my name is Cheryl Flowers and I had an Automobile Accident case that Mr. Ben Schwartz helped me with. The experience was great for someone like myself, who has never been through a court case. Ben walked me through everything I needed to know and I was very happy with the amount of attention that was paid to my case. I felt as if Ben was working hard for me. Ben already had in mind what he was trying to help me with and he made calls to make sure I was ok.

Ben had a goal and met it. I was new to the experience and Ben made me very comfortable, I did not know how long these type of cases took to come to an end, and I was relieved to receive my settlement because I was finally able to pay my bills after my back injury made it impossible to do so.

Mr. Schwartz is a great lawyer and he was very sensitive towards my needs, he made everything very clear. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a lawyer to handle his or her automobile accident case in Delaware.

– Cheryl Flowers – Delaware

Thanks to Rob Collins of Schwartz and Schwartz for helping me with my case. I recommend him to everyone who needs help. My case was a Delaware car accident case where we got rear-ended. I hurt my back and neck, and that limited me in getting around like I normally did. Rob sat me down and explained everything to me – who I needed to see. He really took time to explain everything. That made a big difference to me.

– Darryl Kirksey – Delaware

Matt Stiller as his name states is truly the “DUI Defender”, I had vetted 4 lawyers for my predicament. The first 3 lawyers phone consultations lasted 10-20 minutes. When Matt called me we were on the phone for an hour.!!! I could tell by the conversation and the questions he was asking me on the phone that this was my guy. Price wise he was less expensive then some of the other lawyers, Also he let me pay my retainer in payments because coming up with the whole retainer at once was hard for me because I was at that time I was laid-off from my job… But truthfully I would’ve paid twice as much…He had immediately put my mind at ease with his professionalism. I was looking at minimum 3 year prison sentence (If found guilty), But I received First Offender program and 6 months unsupervised probation…He had truly saved my life and kept my family from falling apart. For this I can’t thank this man enough…I highly recommend Matt Stiller If you find yourself in need of excellent council…My friends were so impressed with the outcome of my trial that 2 of my friends asked for his phone number. Thanks again Matt for all that you have done and you still continue to do for me.

– Fred P. – Maryland

Hello, my name is Nola Dixon and Ben Schwartz helped my husband with a case in 2006. He did such a good job on his case, that I decided to use him for my own case. Ben has been very instrumental with helping me with my case and other cases over the years. He has even referred me to other lawyers and given me advice without charging me. Ben is a loving, kind and personable person. He doesn’t just see me as a dollar sign; he recommends things that I don’t always agree with, but I have trusted him and he has always given us a positive result. Ben has become an extension of my family. I talk to him about my family and he shares his own stories with me. Ben even gave me advice for my sisters husband, when he had a medical problem. I truly love Ben, and anyone I can refer to Ben, I do. Most recently, Ben helped me with my automobile accident case in Delaware. He told me to be patient and both Ben and I were shocked with the result. We didn’t have to haggle with the insurance company at all, they settled immediatley. With Ben’s guidance, we received more than we had hoped for. I recommend Ben Schwartz to anyone who has had an automobile accident in Delaware. He’s not just a lawyer, he’s a great great person and it has truly been a blessing to meet him.

– Nola Dixon – Delaware

Rob Collins was my attorney for my car accident case. He was a very good attorney. He answered all my questions. He was very good at explaining things. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a lawyer.

– Teresa Morris – Delaware

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2 comments to “We Love Feedback From Our Clients”
  1. Back in February 2012 I was pulled over for a DUI. The next day (a Sunday) I went online and searched for some lawyers in Dover, DE. I filled out a few inquires and thought I would hear back from them the next day. Within an hour Matt Stiller called me. I was shocked since it was a Sunday afternoon. I explained to Matt what had happened. We spoke on the phone for a good hour and I felt very comfortable talking to him. Matt was the only lawyer to have called me back out of the 3 others. Working with Matt was my best decision I could have made. He went far way a beyond to help me with my case. I can not thank him enough and explain how happy I am with his services! Thanks Matt!
    – Ashley –

  2. Schwartz & Schwartz helped my wife and I when she was involved in a car accident in Dover, Delaware. While searching for the ‘best personal injury lawyer in Delaware’ to handle our case, we came across Ben Schwartz. Ben handled our automobile accident case with professionalism and he fought hard to get my wife the medical assistance she needed. We had no idea how difficult insurance companies were to deal with. The young lady who hit my wife was texting while driving and was clearly at fault, but the insurance companies had a different version of events. Ben set them straight. If you’re looking for a lawyer in Delaware who truly understands the nuances of fighting insurance companies, give these guys a call, they know what they’re doing.

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