Top Tips For Young Drivers

In today’s video, Attorney Ben Schwartz gives his Top tips for young drivers.

Top Tips For Young Drivers

Hi, I’m Attorney Ben Schwartz,

Today I am going to answer a question from Kathy in Wilmington, Delaware. Kathy wrote-in and she says, “Hi Ben, I love your videos. I was a very aggressive driver when I was younger, but as I have aged I have become much less frustrated with inconveniences such as traffic jams and slow drivers in the left lane. Life is short and I have been to a lot of funerals. My question is, what advice would you give younger drivers to help them gain a safe driving, life is precious perspective, much earlier in life?”

I think that it is a question of attitude. The problem is, when you are young, you do not realize that there are collateral consequences for every action that you take. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction and you do not realize that, because that is something that you gain through life experiences. You have to have those terrible experiences where you almost got killed to realize that if you do this, then that is potentially going to happen.

I do not think there is anything I can really say to tell young drivers, “Hey, you need to slow down; you need to be more cautious! You need to look twice, you need to take your foot off the accelerator and put down the cell phone.”

I think me saying that is not going to have any effect on any young person. The only thing that I think I could possibly say that would have any kind of beneficial effect to get people, young people, to take this more seriously, to be more careful drivers, is this.

I am a personal injury and wrongful death lawyer, and I spend my days with people dealing with people’s cases. These are people who have broken bodies, who have broken spirits, and I spend my days dealing with the aftermath of catastrophic injuries and wrongful death collisions. There is nothing worse than sitting at the conference room table with the family of a young person who died in a traffic accident. I have to talk through the legal advice, and talk through the facts of the case with a grieving mother and a grieving father.

So, if you are a young person watching this video, the only thing that I can say to you is when you are out on the road what I would like you to do is think about me telling you about my experience. My experiences is that I meet with and counsel the families of the departed. I meet with and counsel from a legal perspective. I counsel the mothers and fathers who have lost a child and there is nothing worse. There is nothing more heartbreaking and that is the last thing that you want to do to your parents or to the parents of another kid, making them go through that grieving process because they lost you or because they lost their child.

If you are watching this video, I would say that if you want to get in the right mindset, or the right frame of mind to drive safely, think about not what could happen to you, but what you may be subjecting your parents to.  You should think about what you might be subjecting another child’s parents to, if you do not slow down, if you do not put down the cell phone, if you do not keep both hands on the wheel, if you don’t pay full time and attention.

I think the best motivation is not to think about yourself, but to think about your parents and your loved ones. Think about what it would be like for them if you died in an accident or if you killed someone in an accident. Slow down, take it easy, there is nothing that is worth dying for out on the open roadways. There is nothing that is so important that you cannot be late; that is worth risking your life.

Kathy in Wilmington Delaware, I hope that answers your question. I hope that you will share this these top tips for young drivers. If you have questions for me about personal injury or car accidents or what have you, feel free to send me an e-mail below.

Top Tips For Young Drivers

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