Lawsuit alleges surgical patient awakens to find he is wearing red women’s panties

A lawsuit filed in the Delaware Superior Court in New Castle County on October 10, 2014 alleges some bizarre events occurring right here in little ol’ Dover, Delaware.

141014 red womens pantiesMr. Walls, the plaintiff in the lawsuit, alleges that on October 12, 2012, he went to Delaware Surgery Center in the Eden Hill medical center for a colonoscopy. He was placed under anesthesia. When he awoke, he was wearing a pair of red women’s panties. He didn’t go in wearing them, and didn’t put them on himself, the Complaint alleges. As a result of the defendants’ reckless and outrageous conduct, he suffered extreme emotional distress, embarrassment and humiliation.

I’m dying to know what happened in the operating room that Mr. Walls got put into some red ladies’ underwear. Did they have some kind of party? What else happened while he was under? Can anyone get into these parties?

The case is Walls v. Delaware Surgery Center, LLC and Eden Hill Surgical Group, P.A., C.A. No. N14C-10-087 VLM. Click 141014 red womens panties lawsuitfor a copy of the Complaint. I took the liberty of redacting Mr. Walls’s full name and address. It seemed like the right thing to do.

Ben Schwartz

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