Emotional Injuries after a car accident

Personal Injury Attorney, Ben Schwartz, answers a viewers question relating to emotional injuries after a car accident.

Emotional Injuries After a Car Accident

Hi, I’m Attorney Ben Schwartz,

Today we are going to answer a question from Michael in Wilmington, Delaware. Michael wrote-in and just to paraphrase his question, he says that he was in an automobile accident and he sustained some minor physical injuries, neck and shoulder problems. He got some chiropractic treatment and now he feels like he is all better, but he is not able to bounce back mentally from the injuries from the car accident and is that something that is normal. My answer to that is, Michael, that is incredibly common.

I would say that everyday, if not everyday, most days in my legal practice, I see people who had automobile accidents with physical injuries yes, but also with emotional injuries. There are some common things that I hear my clients tell me. They tell me the accident happened on the way to work, or on the way home, or on the way to their kids’ Little League practice or what have you. They tell me, now I have to find a new way to go to work, or a new way to get home; a new way to get to Little League, because I cannot drive through that intersection, I just can’t do it. People will tell me, I cannot get back in the car to drive. I just cannot get behind the wheel again.

Folks will tell me that the images, like the video in their head of the accident happening, plays over-and-over, even when they are not trying to think about it. Even when they are trying to do their work or they are trying to watch a movie with their spouse, it plays over-and-over in their head and it is unwanted thoughts. These are some of the things that our clients tell us along these lines, but those are some of the very common ones. I would like to encourage you that if this has happened to you, I think it is great that you have done a good job in bouncing back from the physical injuries, but what you need to do is get counseling for what I would refer to as post-traumatic stress disorder. I am not making a clinical diagnosis. I am not a doctor or therapist, but just to use that term in a broad and general sense, you have got to get counseling for that.

If you know a counselor, call the counselor and tell them what is going on. If you do not know a counselor, call your family doctor and go see the family doctor. Let the family doctor know what is going on. Let them refer you and that way you will get the counseling and treatment you need for what is going on in your head. In my experience, people that get the counseling and treatment for these similar types of injuries often do very well recovering from them and people who do not, it usually comes back to bite them in some way. That is my two cents on the topic. It was a fantastic question and I thank you for asking it. It is something that people just do not talk about and if they do talk about it out there, that they do not talk about it enough. It is not widely discussed and it is not widely known. I appreciate you asking the question and having the guts to ask a question in a public forum like this. If you have questions that you would like answered in video format here on our video blog, please send me an email below. Thanks for watching!

Emotional Injuries After a Car Accident

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